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The only dedicated, claims management service for Property Claims

What We Do and Glasscare Benefits

At Glasscare we offer Insurers a unique service, which is the Outsourcing of Property claims, associated with burglary/break-in type insurance claims.

Glasscare provides a Nationwide property repair/replacement solution to your Policy Holders.

Our claims experts will handle all aspects of an insurance claim from FNOL to settlement, with the emphasis on providing an industry leading service while at the same time producing savings on claim costs for the insurer and policy holder alike.




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Benefits to Insurers include

  • Greatly Reduced Average Claim Value
  • Fraud Identified and Declined
  • “Betterment” requests are identified during the assessment process, and are no longer funded by the insurer.
  • Reduced Administration Costs for Insurers
  • Policy Holder expectations of Direct Billing are fulfilled.
  • Claims are handled within current CBI regulations.
  • Each claim receives a Free On-Site Inspection.
  • Each claim receives a Free Inspection Report

Benefits to Policy Holders include

  • A Nationwide Service that secures the property promptly.
  • Policy Holder expectations of Direct Billing are fulfilled.
  • Excess Amounts are only sought when the works have been completed.
  • A repair/replacement service that is guaranteed by Glasscare.