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What do Glasscare actually do?

When your policy holder registers a claim of a broken glass, door lock, damaged PVC window or door, timber window or door or even an aluminium window or door, Glasscare can take control of their claim from FNOL.

1 Glasscare receives FNOL of loss by e-mail.

2 Glasscare suppliers contact the insured and arranges a suitable inspection date.

3 Glasscare receives a written report on the damage and agrees the final cost of completing the work prior to approving the repairs.

4 Glasscare reports on the most likely “Cause of Damage”

5 Glasscare authorises the repair to take place with the insured’s consent.

6 On completion of the work the insured is asked to sign a Settlement Note and to settle the excess/vat amount.

7 For claims over the excess amount, the balance is billed Directly to the insurance company on a daily, weekly or monthly submission.

8 Glasscare settles all claims directly with its suppliers.

9 Monthly MI is provided to each Insurance Company.

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